Lotus Centre

- facilitated by Rachel Tobin
10am - 4.30pm
$100 (please bring food to share for lunch)
Morning, afternoon teas and snacks will be provided.

Who is this retreat for?

  • all levels - suitable for both beginners, and experienced practitioners
  • anyone who wants to experience more ease and vitality in their day-to-day life

a 1-day mindfulness retreat

Experience more ease and vitality in your day-to-day life! Join me for a day to explore and practise a more natural state of being.  During the day we will explore mindfulness meditation and awareness through movement lessons to access the benefits of being fully present. We will also include some simple stretches and movements to warm and energise the body.

  • Replenish your energy and vitality
  • Nourish your well being and mental health
  • Enjoy the benefits of giving your mind a rest from over-thinking
  • Wake up your awareness and tap into the power of NOW

Mindfulness is the art of being present, right here, right now, to whatever is happening, whether it is how we like things to be, or not. We take the time to stop and pay attention to our actual experience as we sit, move, or learn something new. When we do this we feel more open, grounded and alive.

The way we move and breathe has a profound effect on our quality of life.  In this 1-day retreat, we include two mindfulness in movement lessons drawn from the work of Moshe Feldenkrais and designed to free the body and create more ease of movement and posture. Because an easy and relaxed body assists us in meditation practice, the lessons are a wonderful adjunct to sitting and walking mindfulness practice. 

In this silent retreat, mindfulness and Feldenkrais-based awareness through  movement work complement each other to promote balance, vitality and well being.


APRIL DATE tbc (Saturday)
10am - 4.30pm
31 Hobson Crescent


- facilitated by Rachel Tobin
10am - 4.30pm
$100 (please bring lunch to share)

MOVING and MINDFULNESS - a 1-day silent mindfulness and qi gong retreat in the city

Take a day out in a lovely, garden setting in Thorndon, to tap into the power of the now and rediscover your inherent OK-ness. In this silent retreat we use sitting/walking mindfulness practices and simple movements from qi gong to explore the experience of being present and to open to a still place of moving and being.

During the day you will be guided in these, and more:

            Sitting and walking mindfulness meditation practice
            Qi gong warm-ups to stretch and energise your body
            A guided qi gong self-compassion meditation
            So me qi gong sequences that you can practise at home

There is no religion, dogma or belief systems proposed in this retreat. Emphasis is given not to theory, but to your own experience. The retreat is suitable for beginners, and for those with experience in mindfulness meditation and qi gong.




Peria Valley

$300 covers accommodation, bedding , food, etc.
PLUS dana/koha for the teacher


Mindfulness, in Stillness and Movement
- a 3-day silent mindfulness and qi gong retreat

Mindfulness, the art of accessing the power of the ‘now’, is a wonderful way of calming your body, replenishing your energy, and cultivating joy and wellbeing. If you have the tendency to lose yourself in over-thinking, or would simply relish time for balance and restoration, join me in this beautiful and supportive setting for a blend of mindfulness meditation and qi gong practices.

Qi gong is an ancient Taoist system designed to improve the flow of energy in the body, create vitality and concentrate the mind. The qi gong practices we will learn include qi gong warm ups, qi gong self-massage, the six Taoist healing sounds, a compassion practice, and a moving form. These will be practices you can take away and use at home to relax and revitalise your body and mind.

gate of Ra at tushita asHram

gate of Ra at tushita asHram

30 NOV - 3 DEC, 2018

the labyrinth at te moata retreat centre

the labyrinth at te moata retreat centre

the river at te moata retreat centre

the river at te moata retreat centre

The Art of Natural Ease:
a four-day silent mindfulness and qi gong retreat

In this retreat, we blend qi gong and mindfulness meditation, taking the time to pay attention to our actual experience as we sit and as we move. When we do this we feel more open, grounded and alive. No matter what is going on in our life, in our thoughts, or bodies, mindfulness offers the opportunity to genuinely relax and let go. Qi gong is a wondeful Taoist movement system designed to improve the flow of energy (qi) in the body, create vitality and concentrate the mind.

We begin with a meal at 6pm on Friday 10 November, and finish after lunch on Tuesday 14 November.

There is no religion, dogma or belief systems proposed in this retreat.  Emphasis is given not to theory, but to your own experience.  The retreat will be taught assuming some - even if if's brief - experience with meditation. No experience in qi gong is necessary.

COST: $499 (includes 4 nights' accommodation, all meals and snacks and tuition and guidance from an experienced facilitator)

6 - 11 SEPT, 2018
Nirarta Centre for Living Awareness
Sidemen, Karangasem

Early Bird: (before 16 Nov, 2016): $980
Full fee: (paid after 16 Nov, 2016): $1200

6 - 11 SEPT, 2018
Nirarta Centre for Living Awareness
Sidemen, Karangasem

Early Bird: (before 16 Nov, 2017): $980
Full fee: (paid after 16 Nov, 2017): $1200

Moving into Natural Ease
- a 5-day Mindfulness & Qi Gong retreat in Bali

Mindfulness, the art of bring present to the ever-changing ‘now’, is a wonderful way of calming your body, replenishing your energy, and cultivating joy and well being. This 5-day retreat, much of which will be in silence for participants, will take place in an exotic and beautiful setting in Southern Bali. It will offer you a rare opportunity to come home to the OK-ness of yourself, just as you are, to relax into your original nature, and to enjoy the delights of Balinese food, warmth, hospitality and unspoilt beauty.

There are some options for a single room, for an extra $150 fee, payable by bank transfer. You will need to book early to avail of these.

Nirarta Centre for Living Awareness is set in a lush river valley of terraced-rice fields, beside tree-clad hills. It is overlooked by the imposing presence of Gunung Agung, a mountain to the east of Bali. The atmosphere and the views are breathtaking. Both local villages, Tabola and Sidemen, are primarily weaving and farming villages, relatively untouched by tourism. The climate is always pleasantly warm, but rather cooler than the coastal plain. A refreshing breeze up the river valley keeps the temperature pleasant. The centre is half an hour from both magnificent mountains and seashores.

people say:

"A nourishing experience from every possible perspective - the teaching, the body movement, the meditations, the food, the setting and the people. Rachel is a wonderful teacher who has a gentle manner yet doesn't pretend to know all the answers - so refreshing."
- Janine L-M, Palmerston North (1-day retreat)

"My wife thought it was a miracle that i would book myself into this course. it was a deeply fulfilling experience and one i hope to keep with me, if not return."
- Luc Hansen, Auckland (3-day retreat)

"Rachel has amazing facilitation and teaching skills, and I never fail to learn new things from her retreats.
I’ve followed Rachel for some years now because of her groundedness and her ability to teach. Rachel’s focus on holistic wellness has taught me much about integrating meditation and body work into my life. She’s enabled me to connect mind, body and spirit in the most delightful, fun and useful ways. I come away from her retreats renewed, refreshed and reinvigorated."
- Jane McCann, Wellington

"A fabulous, balanced, insightful, nurturing weekend taught in a supportive, relaxed way... Rachel's teaching style is very allowing and i enjoyed the way the weekend flowed with just the right amount of downtime.".
- J. Natusch, Auckland

"I enjoyed the balance of qi gong dynamic meditation, the sitting-still meditation, the mindfulness walking and the artistic offerings of poems, music and dance… The meditation sessions held a 'sit with me' invitation and the number of sessions during the retreat helped deepen my meditation practice. And I learnt the importance of returning my mind from wandering and that this was a natural occurrence.
I liked the rhythm of life on the retreat with bells calling us to meditation and meals. I found the practice of being together in silence together both novel and refreshing. I feel I have experienced mindfulness practice that I can take from the retreat to my everyday life."
- Gloria Henderson, Wellington

"The combination of meditation and movement/body work with (mostly) silence was perfect for this 50-year old man. I left the retreat feeling lighter, moving slower and with an unfamiliar quietness in my head."
- Rob Cherry, Wellington (3-day retreat)

"I enjoyed all the teachings in this 3-day retreat. I came expecting silence and a few stretches. By the end I gained so much more. It was a wealth of experience for me. Rachel is a kind and compassionate teacher. But don't let this fool you. She will make you work on your journey of discovery :) "
- D. Haberdank, Auckland (3-day retreat)

“The five-day silent mindfulness and qi gong retreat I did with Rachel was life-changing. It was incredible to experience such a sense of stillness and calm and at the same time to feel so energised and alive.”
- K. W., Auckland

"Ten days after Rachel's Moving into Stillness retreat [at Te Moata] and I feel physically energised and motivated, my mind calm and clear. I enjoyed the chi gong and the mindfulness equally"
- Kate Taylor, Auckland (3-day retreat)

"Te Moata was the perfect setting for the retreat, as it combines the wildness and true energy of nature with a peaceful, simple space, that Jessie and Dave have managed to make a haven for relaxation, appreciation of the simple things of life and respect for the importance of inner peace. The fantastic food, the basic set up of the place and the surroundings are exactly what is needed from a retreat place."
- Juliana Bustamente, Auckland

I've learnt some great techniques on how to slow down in a world that is going a million miles an hour."
- Sharyn Pask, Auckland (3-day retreat)

cancellation policy:

Unless otherwise stated…

  • Full refunds are provided up to 2 weeks before any course or retreat starts.
  • 50% refunds are provided if you cancel within 2 weeks of a course or retreat starting.
  • You may transfer your booking to a later retreat, but if this is within 2 weeks of the event, there will be a 10% admin fee incurred (10% of the cost of the cancelled course).


Mirabai House,
Ocean Road,

the cabin for mindfulness retreats at mirabai house
the decik at mirabai house, for mindfulness retreats

Private Retreats on the beautiful Kapiti Coast

Replenish your reserves at a beautiful, sunny, peaceful and private retreat house just 350m from the ocean. Within walking distance you will find the extensive QE11 park with its lovely array of walks, several good cafes and galleries.

A solo retreat is geared around your particular needs. Some people wish to sleep, read and walk, and have very little structure; Others like to take part in mindfulness meditation and/or qi gong sessions. Some wish to be silent. There are no expectations whatever placed on you. Breakfast is provided and caters for your tastes. You can also arrange a retreat in which all your meals are provided, although a little notice is required to book a retreat of this nature.

Accommodation is your own spacious and private cabin separate from house and in a lovely garden setting. Bathroom and kitchen facilities are in the main house, and the living areas plus extensive decks are yours to enjoy.

People come to stay who are in need of a rest or time alone. Some are going through transition, or recovering from illness. Before you come, I suggest we have a phone or Skype conversation to check this is the right place for you.

Mirabai House is also listed on Airbnb