7 - 28 AUGUST (Wednesdays) (Rachel)
and 6 - 27 NOVEMBER (Wednesdays)
7 - 8pm
Lotus Yoga Centre

8 - 29 AUGUST (Thursdays) (facilitated by Rachel)
7 - 27 NOVEMBER (Thursdays,
& facilitated by Lucy Schwabe)
7 - 8 pm
The Woolshed, Gear Homestead


people say

“I didn’t realise mindfulness had such a focus on compassion towards yourself and a sense of okness, i have found this so helpful as i’m such a perfectionist and an over thinker.”

“I was really impressed by the facilitator. Her delivery style was one of comfortable ease. She was honest, open, thought provoking, engaging and humble. I really enjoyed this learning environment.”

“I always thought mindfulness was about thinking of nothing at all, so to learn that a big part of it is actually recognising when your mind has wandered off, and practising compassionately coming back to the main focus, has been great. Its been so great to practice not being so hard on myself!”

“I found Rachel super helpful and knowledgeable, I love how she taught different techniques for different people as we were all having different experiences.”

“I had no idea what to expect coming into this course, and I could go on and on about how interesting and beneficial this course was for me!”

“I got way more out of it than I thought I would! I really enjoyed its focus on being in the present moment, being a “human being” not just a “human doing!”

- Porirua and Kapiti 4-week Mindfulness Works Introduction to Mindfulness course participants, 2018 and 2019

- a 4-week intermediate course from
the art of mindfulness
(designed by Rachel to follow on from an introductory course)

This course is ideal for you if you have:

  • Some experience of mindfulness practice OR

  • Completed a 4-week Introduction to Mindfulness course with me or another facilitator OR

  • Attended a 1-day or residential mindfulness retreat with me or another teacher OR

  • Followed an app (e.g. Headspace or Wildflowers or Calm) for at least 4 weeks OR

  • Practised meditation in the past and would like to begin again OR

  • The desire to increase your motivation and revitalize your practice

what you will get

  • Four 1 - hour sessions with a skilled mindfulness faciilitator

  • Encouragement to build meditation into your life on a regular basis

  • Practice in applying mindfulness in relationships

  • Some simple movements to take home as a moving mindfulness practice

  • The support of others in the group

  • A loving kindness meditation to enhance your capacity for compassion, to yourself and others

  • Tools to enhance gratitude and joy in your life

  • Access to recordings of the practices we learn

Next course dates and venue in KAPITI to be confirmed
Fee: $120 per person

Please contact Rachel if you are interested.

There is no religion or dogma associated with these sessions. Emphasis is placed more on experience than theory



A deeper appreciation of mindfulness practice

  • Greater love and acceptance of yourself

  • Understanding of the applications of mindfulness in relation to others and the world

  • The chance to re-build mindfulness into your life on a regular and committed basis.

contents of course

Week 1
Overview of the 4 - week journey. Building mindfulness into your life on a daily basis. Mindfulness in movement - a practice which assists in sleep. Guided 15-minute sitting practice. Discussion.

Week 2
Mindfulness and relationships. Mindfulness in speaking and listening. Pair practice in mindful communication. Guided 15 minute sittiing practice. Discussion.

Week 3
Self compassion and mindfulness. The neuroscience of compassionate living. A loving kindness practice. The ‘inner smile"‘, a Chinese mindfulness practice. Discussion.

Week 4
Mindfulness and connection with the whole. Taking mindfulness beyond the individual self. Enhancing gratitude and joy in your life. Inherent happiness. Guided open awareness practice. Meditation as relationship. Discussion. Sharing food - mindful eating.

IF you would like to arrange a 4-week or 6-week mindfulness course tailored for your particular group, please CONTACT Rachel directly.

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