- relaxing and reducing eye strain

  • Do you notice your eyes often feel strained and tired?

  • Do you want to improve the health of your eyes?

  • Do you stare at a computer screen for many hours a day?

Join me for a one-day workshop designed to:

  • give you instruction and practice in mindfulness
  • improve the quality of your vision
  • bring softness and awareness to the ways in which you use your eyes
  • offer you practices you can use at home
  • explore vision as a whole-body experience

During the day we will alternate Feldenkrais Awareness through Movement lessons with mindfulness practice.

Next dates to be confirmed:
10am - 4 pm
Kapiti or Wellington

$100 (includes snacks, morning and afternoon teas)

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- preventing and releasing OOS (RSI)

  • Do you sit at a computer for long periods of time? 

  • Do you use your hands and arms in a repetitive manner?

  • Do you want to avoid OOS or RSI?

  • Do you experience strain in your eyes, jaw and neck as a result?

If yes, and if you work with some degree of tension, it's easy to build up patterns that lead to OOS (overuse syndrom) or RSI (repetitive strain injury). This workshop will take a mindfulness and Feldenkrais approach to cultivating easier movement through the arms, hands, neck, jaw, eyes and shoulders. We will address patterns of overuse and strain (in the hands, arms, shoulders and neck) associated with using computers.

This Feldenkrais and mindfulness workshop is suitable for beginners or those with experience of mindfulness and Feldenkrais practice.

Next dates to be confirmed:
10am - 4 pm
Kapiti or Wellington

$100 (includes snacks, morning and afternoon teas)

- a one-day mindfulness and Feldenkrais workshop

This workshop will help you to:

  • learn and practise mindfulness meditation
  • reduce neck and back tension
  • increase the natural enjoyment of everyday movements
  • boos your mental wellbeing
  • reduce stress and anxiety
  • improve flexibilty, posture & co-ordination   

Next dates to be confirmed:
10am - 4 pm
Kapiti or Wellington

$100 (includes snacks, morning and afternoon teas)    

    Feldenkrais awareness through movement lessons

    As well as offering you all the usual benefits of mindfulness, these lessons give you postural and movement benefits too. You lie on a mat and are guided through a series of very specific, slow and unfamiliar movements. The lessons help you uncover habit patterns which cause limitation and strain, and your nervous system learns instead new possibilities of moving. The outcome is that long-held patterns of muscular tension dissolve, giving you more options for how to move (and think) with more ease. Then, in your everyday activities, in sporting, working and creative life, there is greater ease and poise, improved posture, more pleasure in moving, better balance and less effort.

    As human beings we live only a very small percentage of our potential. Through our upbringing and social conditioning we sacrifice much of our spontaneity and authentic passion. In other words, we try to become what we are not. Because these limitations and inhibitions are mirrored into the body with a corresponding restriction in the vocabulary of movement and expression, the journey towards full potential and maturity can be cultivated through the medium of movement.

    Awareness through movement is a mindfulness-in-movement tool that improves the way you function. The tools of movement and awareness are combined and, over time, yield these fruits:

    Feldenkrais awareness through movement class and Rachel Tobin and the art of mindfulness
    • Improve posture, flexibility and co-ordination
    • Increase functioning affected by injury
    • Enjoy a well-functioning body into older age
    • Enhance self-awareness and well being
    • Improve ease in creative/sporting/musical performance
    • Reduce stress and prevent overuse & injury


    People say:

    "My experience (of the workshops) was always a pleasurable one; each session was a special time reserved for me and how I manage my body... The act of focusing on the minutiae of the body and the less-is-more approach to movement, I found cleansing because it was so contrary to the way I normally use my body in my professional work."
    - Julian Raphael, Wellington Community Choir director

    "After doing Rachel's classes in workshops, I notice the difference not only in my body but in my whole sense of wellbeing. My body feels taller, broader, and more balanced and I feel more naturalness and ease. If I’m driving my hands rest lightly on the steering wheel of the car. I feel a:: if I have been meditating for an hour and my body/mind is much more present
    - Sally Latham, Wellington counsellor and psychotherapist

    "After many years practicing Feldenkrais, I still find that I have new insights at every workshop... Sensations and memories of sessions often come unbidden in everyday life, usually to remind me that an easier more relaxed way will get a movement or task accomplished without the need to stretch, strain or overwork muscle groups."
    - D. Y., Victoria University administrator.