This retreat is FULLY BOOKED. Please contact me if you’d like to go on the wait list.

Te Moata Retreat Centre,
180 Paul Road,

 The swimming hole at Te Moata retreat centre

The swimming hole at Te Moata retreat centre

In this retreat, we blend qi gong and mindfulness meditation, taking the time to pay attention to our actual experience as we sit and as we move. When we do this we feel more open, grounded and alive. No matter what is going on in our life, in our thoughts, or bodies, mindfulness offers the opportunity to genuinely relax and let go. Qi gong is a wondeful Taoist movement system designed to improve the flow of energy (qi) in the body, create vitality and concentrate the mind. The qi gong practices we will learn include qi gong warm ups, qi gong self-massage, the Zhineng qi gong form (lift qi up, pour qi down), the six Taoist healing sounds, and more. These will be practices you can take away and use at home to relax and vitalise your body and mind.

You are welcome to join as much or as little of the scheduled programme as you wish; this is a retreat in which none of the usual social expectations are placed on you.  It offers you a very rare chance for you to come home to the OK-ness of yourself, just as you are.  We will begin each morning with stretches and meditation before breakfast, and finish each evening with a qi gong "sounds" practice to relax the organs of the body and to prepare for sleep. There will be time out for reflection and to walk the beautiful native bush tracks, as well as delicious vegetarian meals, which Te Moata is famous for. The retreat will be mostly in silence, although you are welcome to come and talk with me if you need to.

We begin with a meal at 6pm on Friday 16 November, and finish round 2pm after lunch on Monday 19 November. You may arrive any time from 4.30 pm on the Friday to settle in.

There is no religion, dogma or belief systems proposed in this retreat.  Emphasis is given not to theory, but to your own experience.  The retreat is suitable for beginners, and for those with experience in mindfulness meditation and qi gong..

Cost: $465 (includes fabulous vegetarian meals, simple shared accommodation and tuition, guidance and input from an experienced facilitator.)


 lily pond at Te Moata retreat centre

lily pond at Te Moata retreat centre

  • The chance to deeply rest, to drop your responsibilities and to take time for yourself to simply "be"

  • More vital energy (qi) in your body

  • Greater awareness of the habit patterns of your mind that limit your inherent happiness

  • A toolbox of mindfulness practices you can use in everyday life

  • Opportunity to let go, relax and unwind

  • Better sleep and improved wellbeing

  • A more focused mind

You will learn and practise:

 courtyard at te moata - mindfulness and qi gong retreat with rachel tobin

courtyard at te moata - mindfulness and qi gong retreat with rachel tobin

  • The art of being present, in stillness and movement

  • Qi gong warm ups and stretches

  • Sitting and walking meditation

  • The six Taoist "healing sounds" for greater wellbeing

  • Self-compassion meditation ("the inner smile")

  • Qi gong practices that you can take home and use as practicaltools for wellbeing and stress reductions

This is a hugely valuable opportunity to create more intimacy with yourself. There will be time for you to reflect, to write, to consider.... to eat fabulous and healthy vegetarian food... to walk the native bush tracks, close and far... to be still.... and to benefit from the input of an experienced mindfulness and qi gong teacher and guide.

People say:

"I enjoyed all the teachings in this retreat. I came expecting silence and a few stretches. By the end I gained so much more. It was a wealth of experience for me. Rachel is a kind and compassionate teacher. But don't let this fool you. She will make you work on your journey of discovery :) "
- D. Haberdank, Auckland


"The 4-day programme was excellent and at one stage i actually thought Rachel had personally designed it for me ... I would absolutely recommend her retreats to anyone who was contemplating attending - or not!"
- Ailsa Dawson, Auckland

"Rachel has amazing facilitation and teaching skills, and I never fail to learn new things from her retreats.
I’ve followed Rachel for some years now because of her groundedness and her ability to teach. Rachel’s focus on holistic wellness has taught me much about integrating meditation and body work into my life. She’s enabled me to connect mind, body and spirit in the most delightful, fun and useful ways. I come away from her retreats renewed, refreshed and reinvigorated."
- Jane McCann, Wellington

"A wonderful retreat with a lovely mix of inspiring activities which really help you understand what mindfulness is and how you personally can use it in your everyday life."
- Helen, Auckland

cancellation policy:

Unless otherwise stated…

  • Full refunds, minus the deposit, are provided up to 2 weeks before any course or retreat starts.

  • 50% refunds are provided if you cancel within 2 weeks of a course or retreat starting.

  • You may transfer your booking to a later retreat, but if this is within 2 weeks of the event, there will be a 10% admin fee incurred (10% of the cost of the cancelled course)

  • If a deposit has been paid to secure a place, $25 of that deposit is forfeited per person in the case of any cancellation prior to 2 weeks before the retreat.