Thank you for enrolling in the The Art of Natural Ease, which begins on Friday 16 November, at  the beautiful and remote Te Moata Retreat Centre, and which runs till around 2pm on Monday 19th November.

The retreat will be an opportunity for you to let go of everyday responsibilities and routines, to slow down, and to open to a deeper wisdom that can emerge from a clear quiet place of being.  There’s usually a natural process of stilling that happens over the four days. Apart from the first evening, the last morning, and an hour each day, the retreat will be in silence so that we can really be with ourselves without the usual distractions of talking, presenting ourselves in a favourable light, and interacting with others.

There are several things which in my experience help maximize the benefits of a retreat like this one.  Here are my suggestions:

  • Set a clear intention or intentions for the retreat
  • Arrive as well-rested as you can so that you have energy on board for the practices
  • If you consume excessive  coffee, sugar, junk food or alcohol, cut down for for three days before the retreat. For most people too much of these work against the calming effect of mindfulness meditation and qi gong.  Te Moata is well-known for its home-made vegetarian meals. If you have any special needs regarding food, please contact Jessie at the centre on
  • Bring a journal if you have one, and use it to record insights, dreams or reflections that you can go back to after the retreat.
  • Please leave your computer at home and your cell phone in the car as a commitment to dropping into silence.

how to get to Te Moata