Mindfulness practice has helped millions of adults learn a more resourceful response to the stresses inherent in being human.. Children too, who are under great pressure from peers, social conditioning, media and the internet, can learn to protect themselves by using these well-researched tools, when those mindfulness tools are adapted to younger age groups.

When children learn how to be mindful, taking a few moments before responding to stressful situations, they become more resilient, more thoughtful and more empathic. They also learn to understand the relationship between thinking and feelings in the body.

Why book a session for your child?

Mindfulness is an important tool for children when they are happy and healthy, but sometimes parents only think of it when there are issues like:

  • Low attention span or focus
  • Stress and anxiety
  • Lack of empathy for others
  • Difficulty relaxing or sleeping
  • Emotional over-reactivity
  • Lack of body awareness
  • Emotional withdrawal

What do we do?

In an individual session with your child, present-moment awareness is built through variety and reinforcement, using their engagement in games, activities, walking and conversing. Here are some of the things we might use:

  • Breathing practices for your child to use as an anchor
  • Mindful listening practice (and mindfulness walks)
  • Mindful movement
  • Mindful eating; games to wake up the senses
  • Fun relaxation tools for your child to use as resources
  • Interactive drawing work


 rachel tobin and the art of mindfulness for children

My deep interest is in seeing adults and children learn to live with more ease, joy and well being. I know at first hand our human capacity for pain, and i have understood that it is the mind which creates and perpetuates the most intense suffering.  I have found mindfulness practice to be wonderful in learning to slow down, to uncover limiting thinking patterns, and to cultivate more ease and spontaneity in my everyday life.

I find the company of children refreshing. It saddens me that they are not being raised in an overall culture of wisdom and are therefore influenced by the values of a performance and economically-driven age. I love children's openness, unexpectedness and their capacity to respond to mindfulness practice.

In 2007 I had the privilege to meet and become a student of Aotearoa-born Spiritual Master, Sri Yanchiji. The spiritual journey, of re-discovering the natural and inherent joy that comes from simply Being, and enquiring into all that eclipses that happiness, is increasingly informing my work with others.

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KAPITI:   Paekakariki  or Paraparaumu

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