Rachel Tobin, based in Wellington and Kapiti, NZ, draws on her own diverse life experience, the wisdom of teachers and her expertise with a range of mindfulness and wellness strategies, to bring you closer to your own wisdom.  Depending on who you are and the issues you bring, there is a range of tools Rachel can offer you in an individual mindfulness training or coaching session.

Why book a session?

Mindfulness meditation is a wonderful practice to sustain those who feel already-well and in balance, but often people begin it when they are suffering from issues like:

  • Stress, anxiety and/or depression
  • Over-work and a driven or over-active mind
  • Blocked feelings and lack of body awareness
  • Loss, grief and crisis of identity
  • Illness and/or chronic fatigue
  • Relationship stress
  • Communication difficulties

What do we do?

Individual sessions, in which you will be listened to mindfully and without judgment, can involve various options. Mindfulness training is the mainstay of the sessions, but include all these possibliities:

  • Mindfulness meditation training
  • Grounding techniques and waking up of self-awareness
  • Mindfulness in movement
  • Life coaching and mentoring
  • Use of drawing and images
  • Concretization and role work

Rachel Tobin:

Rachel Tobin and mindfulness training

Rachel Tobin and mindfulness training

I started my work life with a degree in biochemistry, and became a high-school science and maths teacher. Since then I've worked in a variety of roles, teaching people mindfulness, Feldenkrais and qi gong. I've worked in the area of wellbeing in organisations and in the fields of stress, grief and loss.

My deepest interest is in seeing adults and children learn to live with more ease, wellbeing and joy. I know at first hand our human capacity for pain, and i have understood that it is the mind which creates and perpetuates the most intense suffering.  I have found mindfulness practice to be wonderful in learning to slow down, to uncover limiting thinking patterns, and to cultivate more ease and spontaneity in my everyday life.

II find the company of children refreshing. It saddens me that they are not being raised in an overall culture of wisdom and are therefore influenced by the values of a performance and economically-driven age.I love children's openness and their capacity to respond to mindfulness practice.

In 2007 I had the great privilege to meet and become a student of Aotearoa-born Spiritual Master, Sri Yanchiji. The spiritual journey, of re-discovering the natural and inherent joy that comes from simply being, and finding out all that eclipses that happiness, is increasingly informing my work with others.

WELLINGTON:  Hobson Crescent, Thorndon                           $110 per hour session

KAPITI Mirabai House, Ocean Road, Paekakariki                  $95 / hour session

SKYPE sessions                                                                             $95 / hour session

PACKAGE: 6 Skype sessions, 1/fortnight + free e-mail support         $500

Please click here for information about individual mindfulness sessions for children: 

people say:

"Rachel has the ability to listen, understand and support. She brings a range of techniques to the table which offer options no matter what mind space you were in when the session started.
I am yet to find another ‘coach’ who works in the way Rachel does – she has a down-to-earth approach, with an ability to laugh, cry and be there for you and with you, while giving you tools to help you grow.

- T. B., Auckland

"I have found Rachel to be positive, warm and accepting in coaching sessions.  This meant I was fully able to share myself and at the same time feel completely safe. It was the first time I felt deeply, in my bones, that I am totally OK, just as I am."

- L. B., Wellington

"Rachel’s approach is gentle and supportive, and she gave me the complete space to be myself. Sessions with her allowed me to really stand on my own feet in my life."

- K. J., Wellington

"Rachel is a woman who has and is willing to take herself on a profound journey through life's unknown. She has been willing to make herself vulnerable and become open to her inherent life of wisdom. She will be a wonderful guide and mentor for anyone who chooses to engage with her."

- Arohananda Ma, Eyes Open Retreats