Rachel Tobin:

rachel tobin and the art of mindfulness - courses, workshops retreats and mindfulness training in New zealand

I started my work life with a degree in biochemistry, and became a high-school science and maths teacher. Since then I've worked in a variety of roles, most of them facilitating and teaching various modalities that promote wellbeing and awareness. like Feldenkrais, qi gong (chi kung) and mindfulness meditation. I've worked in the area of organisational wellbeing and with clients relative to themes of stress, grief and loss.

Mindfulness has been at the heart of this work and one of my deep interests is in seeing adults and children learn to live with more ease, wellbeing and joy.   I know at first hand our human capacity for pain, and I have understood that it is the mind which creates and perpetuates the most intense suffering. I have found mindfulness practice to be wonderful in learning to slow down to a more natural pace of Life, to uncover limiting thinking patterns, and to cultivate more ease and spontaneity in my everyday life.

I find the company of children refreshing. It saddens me that they are not being raised in an overall culture of wisdom and are therefore influenced by the values of a performance and economically-driven age. I love children's openness and their capacity to respond to mindfulness practice.

In 2007 I had the great privilege to meet Aotearoa-born Spiritual Master, Sri Yanchiji and am whole-heartedly engaged in a study of Life with him. The spiritual journey, of re-discovering the natural and inherent joy that comes from simply Being - and finding out all that eclipses that happiness - is increasingly informing my work with others.